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Thursday, November 27th, 2014
11:32 pm
Bump 2014 update
Yes i'm still here, and i still intend use LJ.
It has more community involvement than Tumblr, though i hope to use that too soon.

Basic news..... Holidays approaching, a welcome relief of the hot Florida summer... even though winter only lasts about 5 days here.
Recent months i've been heavily into amateur Astronomy.
Artist impression (me) of R136a1 the most luminous star ever discovered

On my FA
I'm about to post my commission price list, with info, and protocol. But i've been rather anxious about it. Basically, the negotiation part is what i hate, and feeling like i waste my time when someone disappears or plays with my heart strings. That's why i would have a rather strict accountability practice of making status/progress be public.
My home environment is not very conducive to long periods of focused artwork, and i hate distractions. I'm frequently pulled away to do errands for people, etc. So.... i'd love to focus on Artwork and my own personal projects more, environment allowing
here's a preview of the Price list: feedback/suggestions welcome

i'm still reachable on SL, but i use it mostly for modeling and not as much for socializing as most people do.

Currently, i'm working for the #16 retailer, and hours are irregular, but i'm glad to be doing something again. I've learned a LOT from their operations and business model. Very encouraging.

anyone feel like a shout back, let me know you're still here listening.

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, June 2nd, 2013
8:56 am
Saturday, November 24th, 2012
2:29 pm
ATTN: regarding Plastic "Cum Tubes"
(Crosspost from my FA) http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kharnak/
Syringes cost around 0.15 cents to even 0.08 cents when bought in bulk.
1x60mL Catheter tip
oh Look PURPLE!!
and even Blue
larger Catheter tipped

DO NOT pay Bad-Dragon $4.00 + Fedex shipping(private shipper) for any of them. The NERVE!
We all know the #1 grievance everyone has with them, among others.

on eBay, I sometimes get them from vendors from the SAME country they do, for around $1.00 each

1x 60mL Catheter Tip
2x 50mL Slip Lock
2x 50mL Slip Lock
2x 50mL Slip Lock
1x 100mL Luer Lock

damnit i can't believe i forgot to post this before Black Friday. You may still have time to cancel your orders!!!

If you're using MY lubricant, i recommend the long catheter tipped ones.

Note: There are 2 basic tip types
Luer Lock - that has the little twist threads on the tip, allowing needle tips to be screwed on. This is what BD uses.
Slip Lock (Catheter Tip)- everything else. (also fits with needles, but not as secure)

Now.... here's the listing to MY personal Lubricant
Chimera Labs No.5 Personal Lube - I formulated it particularly for LARGE insertions. Me and my mate use it frequently. Better than Astroglide, i contend that.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair

and now your final thought:
"When someone is being mistreated....... it's kinda everyone's business" -Jerry Springer

Current Mood: optimistic
Monday, April 23rd, 2012
5:00 pm
A New Beginning for the Chimera, SFF
I haven't noticed much going on in the South Florida area, which is odd because Miami, is considered one of the cultural and business epicenters.

I'm Kharnak, and i've been in the fandom for a good while, about 15 years, i'm an Artist, and i've had my ups and downs. in and out of college. working towards opportunities.

Been languishing unemployed for over a year now. I've reached an important turning point in my life. I've gotten back into doing art again, with new motivation. New sense of purpose and direction. I'm planning on putting all the skills i've learned along the years, and i'm going to start my own venture in making my own line of custom silicone molded toys, as well as traditional 2D artwork again. Yes, another line of naughty toys, but also custom suit parts, paws, noses, claws, ears, etc. No more sandbagging, no more ruminating about past failures. I've been inspired by other artists who've pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, and got big.

One ant can do a tremendous amount of work. I hope i won't have to do it alone. Ventures like this require help, dedication, a shared sense of purpose vision, and a single minded sense of devotion to making things happen. People like this exist.

So stand up and be heard, South Florida, anyone. Come with me. Talk to me.

Here's a link to my FA page, most recent submission. Details blurred out.
I still have Aces up my sleeve. innovations, etc.... it has to be ME. If not me, then the Japanese will. Their Tenga toys are awesome.

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
9:26 pm
Back on LJ again after 3 years
holy shitballs on a stick! has it really been that long?

Well i'm mostly on FA, even though i haven't produced any new art in ages. I was sparked recently to draw a Crux. Long story, but i feel it's my Artistic imperative to Hypersexualize Cruxes. I'm not the only one. But it's as a push back against those who use the crux in a comfort zone of dogmatic androgyny and genderlessness, for Asexuals and non-sexuals. That's all cool, everyone has their reasons. but don't be a dick about the things you don't like. Contrapositively, one does not need permission to like something.
the creator, Malluch does NOT mind at all about them being gendered or sexualized, and didn't put much thought into that. She originally thought of Cruxes as shapeshifters. This is the root of its popularity, because it's extremely ecclectic, and elastic in taste and style, so that anyone can make it what they want. There are so many wonderful modifications, and accessories that can make the Crux your own.
Wrap up: I've been unemployed for little over a year now. it sucks hard. Everything feels so pointless, i feel dead in the water. I'll keep trying. this week i need to get out and maybe do another round of application spam. Here in Florida, there are an average of 4 applicants for every job that exists. Here in America we hardly DO anything anyway, it's all just services and retail. As i call it, the "Ass Kissing" industry. no one gives a flying fruit farting figlet about making or learning anything.
In other news.... part of the reason that sparked me to start posting to LJ again, and perhaps Facebook, or any other group, is that i'm finally writing out a Regimen, a hand, foot, paw toughening regimen. For Musicians, Sports, Military, Hikers, Bikers, body builders, or anyone who wants or needs firmer, more durable skin surface on their paws.
There's Astringent products like this
and forum topics, particularly Navy Seal and Army.
They're incomplete... and i feel that many of us, are completely LOST about this, and don't have a clear idea of how to adapt ourselves. Part of what i do, forms of Practical Body Mod.
I'm writing a FAQ, and Regimen suggestions, supplies, and Anatomy & Physiology insights on this. It'll be as complete as i can get it. This is a very badly needed Niche of information. I must fill it.
So for now guys, Let me know!!! Comment here with Questions i can use. I want to be THE source for this.
***Preview Paste of some Paw Regimen FAQs***
Q: isn't rubbing alcohol as effective?
No, it temporarily tightens the skin and dries it, removing sebum, and creates only a little osmotic stress. This is only for temporary toughening, for like a music performance, if you prefer them soft anyway. I haven't noticed any lasting effects from using Alcohol

Q: isn't barefoot walking, jogging, or running just as effective?
It's fairly effective if you do it almost every day, but it's rather slow. Unless you do it for many years, it'll only be marginally tougher. But by all means, continue doing it if you can.

Q: what if i get cracks or painful spots?
That means you progressed too quickly. The goal is to get an even build. If it's done too quickly, there will be sensitive layers right next to firm layers, so that sensitive layer is now baring the brunt of the forces. This is pretty much what a Corn or Bunion is. A concentrated uneven build from repetitive elliptical friction.
I used to hate having soft feet. For me, it's a cosmetic, Aesthetic thing, i just like them better this way. No, i love them!

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Sunday, July 12th, 2009
12:56 am
Kharnak is Back!
I'm Tired. Ive been working at DirecTV for Commercial Business since Feb. 16th. I've been working and saving money well, helping out with bills. It feels good to have money again. I've bought many small things on eBay i've been wanting for a while.
I like my job, thought it's Mentally fatiguing. I have to be cheerful and upbeat no matter what, and I have to think on my feet constantly. It has it's moments... cuz there's a lot of dummies out there..

Computer --- I JUST got my new PC at the end of June, it's a Compaq SR5710F, 2.3GHz Dual-core, 3G RAM, 250G HD ,Nvidia GeForce 6340 n420(is this any good? will it work with SecondLife?), with Comcast High-speed internet. I'm more than happy with it. It's nice to have something that won't freeze when i use Photoshop.
* I bought a Digital Camera: GE A735, it more than meets my needs.

Art ---
- I have lots of Art that i was scanning, i'll be posting it to my FA page over the next couple days as i work on cleaning them up. I'm very picky about the order in which i post.

check out this commission portrait from Misako
I love it o_o, it captures the friendlier, not so Angsty side of me.
* I'm still open to more Commissions at FA, thought i do have some prior commitments i need to make good on.
* My Skype name is KharnakRex

Current Mood: exhausted
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
7:15 pm
Applying for a job at PRC
hmm, i'm applying online...

"I understand that an investigative report may be generated on me that may include information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living; work habits, performance or experience, along with reasons for termination of past employment/professional license or credentials; financial/credit history; or criminal/civil/driving record history. I understand that LexisNexis, on behalf of PRC may be requesting information from public and private sources about any of the information noted earlier in this paragraph in connection with PRC’s consideration of me for employment, promotion or position re-assignment or contract now, or at any time during my tenure with PRC, and give my full consent for this information to be obtained."

WTF is this LexisNexis "Information Solutions" "big Brother" bullshit? someone explain this to me. I thought it was just some Law School search engine...
Mode of living??? personal Characteristics??? Are they going to look through my Art gallery and mine data on the subjects discussed in my philosophy classes? Bla Bla? Whisper down the alley? He said She said? this is JUST like that special on History Channel about what the future might be like with a conflict between corporate interests and personal privacy(which conservatives SWEAR doesn't exist. After all... only Criminals and sick evil moral degenerate communist hippy Perverts have anything to Hide! Raaaar!).
WTF people? Check out those hair gel Aryan models on their website. That's not how real Customer Service reps look like... -_-
gets tougher and tougher each year....
Thank you so much Reagan!!! you love to FUCK with us even when you're gone. It never ends... why do you want to screw up this world so bad? Why?

Current Mood: discontent
Monday, December 15th, 2008
9:07 pm
Dropping out of college again... Comments about Art
Now i have to go play Proletariat again for a couple of years...
(pasted from my FurAffinity Journal)
Tommorow i have my last final, then i'm packing up and moving back home, where i have no internet. All i'll have is the public library internet, and no privacy, no scanner.

However... I expect to be kicking it into high gear with my artwork... I'm raring to go.
I found out i have a really really strong Lucifer complex. Hmm.. i'll let you figure that out ;3

If i am going to post work, it would have to be photographs.
I'm STILL taking commissions, badges, bookmarks etc. EMAIL me! Kharnak_the_goat at Yahoo! Holiday Donations? please please. I have a 981$ balance ;_;
Drop me a line, that's the only way you can keep contact with me.

Why... would female artists want a Male persona? (Whinge, Blotch, etc.)
Is there really a glass ceiling in the art world too?
Every couple of years it cycles, where there are female artists that "bubble up" in the Memetic Field, and become wildly popular by "gaming" the system and "mining" what is popular, all the while giving everyone the finger under the table. Then, as we have seen years ago... they get sick and tired of the fandom's quirks, failings, and nuisances, that they begin to show the finger OVER the table. :icongoldenwolf:? Chaaaaaaa-Ching!
Comments on the Nature of Art, Memetics, Diffusion of information and Computational Sociology

This is it.... this is life...
Competitive System
A Competitive Dynamic System coupled with a Memetic Diffusion system.
Every adage, saying, proverb about Success, Perseverence, and Prosperity are nothing more than qualitative observations of this system....
this is what's "under the hood"
Rough stabs at a solution
FA-Memetic model
Prosperity Equation
think i'm bullshitting? You think i'm just babbling? You think i don't posess an ounce of Logic?
Read up on Computational Sociology, Chaos, Perturbation, Equilibria

Set={Moonstalker, WolfKidd, KenSample, Gideon, Disney-RobertGurthrie-Ferris-ICEman, DougWinger, DCRabbit, gNaw, MaxBlackRabbit, Megan, Bonk, Fossil, Nek0Gami,... and the blotch chicks}

Goal: i need to develop my own "money style". sometimes, i have these moments of clarity where i can see the clear path of what i need to do to get to my goal. This will require a fundamental change in my subject matter and technique. I'll have to focus on meaningful, emotional comics, develop characters with history, emotion, while executing art in a very detailed, dynamic fashion, colorful... Sexy, but Vanilla! More well-rounded, including many off-fetishes, and Vanilla topics... simple, effective... What works.

remember Wetherby-HMO? she was perfection. She gamed you all like sheep ;3 and -I- was among the first to Recognize the styles(the eyes, and the Y-shaped vein on every dick was a giveaway). The only problem with this case is that when "Quantum Tunneling" happens, it's not a stable equilibrium because it's based on appearances, and easily "pops". It was an amazing case of a sharp yet unstable "spike".
Nothing stays the same....
cuz there were always Renegades!

RATM - Renegades of Funk(instrumental)
Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies
They change the course of history
Everyday people like you and me

Current Mood: determined
9:03 pm
Universal Healthcare?
i need some good ballpark estimates for what people say a Universal Health care system would cost... what is it? 40, 50Billion? 75 Billion? isn't that what we spend on the Iraq War? hmmm..

This is how we finance it:

Well-regulated, not like that Bullshit self-incrimination catch-22 scam they tried 70 years ago...
DPR is one of my Bread&Butter issues. Prohibition in the USA

Legal History of Cannabis in the USA
Medical Cannabis
it would put Pharmaceuticals to SHAME.
enemies: {Synthetic fiber industry, BigTobacco, BigPharma}
Learn! Read!
They're(the conservative anti-intellectual "establishment") hoping.....
that you're too stupid to look it up!
To learn something outside of the syllabus.
Too stupid, to ever verify what you're told!
Too stupid to ever question what you're told!
DARE to learn!

Current Mood: determined
Thursday, December 11th, 2008
1:44 am
December Update... Withdrawing from UM
I've been working down my balance to about 981$ now. but that's all they can do for me. I was denied from 3 lenders, Citibank, EdFinancial, and SallieMae. Economy be fucked, (Thank you so much Reagan!!!)
I have to go straight back to work and play Proletariat for a couple of years....
but as i mentioned, i MAY be able to make it to Anthrocon in 09! I'll finally be able to afford things again.
I'm hoping to finish my degree at FIU, and maybe do some graduate work at UM again. I won't stop until i get the degrees i want. if there is a class of well-payed intelligencia... i want to be in it.
Not just that.... but in the art world too.. For the past 10 years i've been in this fandom... and i'm tired of it not going anywhere... I want to be one of the Premiere Artists of the fandom. As clearly described in my recent FA Journal entry.
I'm planning on selling things on FurBuy, so i'll try to update you on that.
I'll also try selling stuff on eBay.
I'm hoping to produce lots of art, but i'll to photograph them because i can't scan without a computer. Expect to see more premium paintings.
I accept Paypal! Kharnak_the_Goat at Yahoo! Donations? I got an outstanding college balance.
Here's some Pink Floyd songs to zonk out to.
Shine on you Crazy Diamond
High Hopes song about how we have ambitions for the wrong things, and subconsciously we sabotage ourselves.
Us and Them
Comfortably numb

And an old favorite, all warm and fuzzy
NIN - A Warm Place

Current Mood: drained
Monday, October 13th, 2008
9:20 pm
denied - where i go from here
Sunday evening i had my mom come down to UM... because i was told you CAN use a parent as a cosigner. But unfortunately, she was not eligible. She still has a bankruptcy that gets discharged 2009, so it didn't work out.
I was really hopeful for a bit, thinking there was a 90% chance she'd get approved, even if she had Fair credit. It would just give me the loan at Prime Rate + 1.5% at the most.
So this confirms it for sure now. I really am screwed.
I've done a lot of thinking of the best and worst Scenarios from here.

Worst - I have to leave here before the semester is finished and go straight to work... If i can't get some kind of forbearance on my Current student loans. My UM account goes to UM collections (again) and i'll have to bleed money from whatever paycheck i can find. I won't be able to get back into the college game for a long long time.

Best - I can finish the semester if i get a forbearance or deferment, I Work on campus... When it's over, I go straight to work and start earning some money regularly. I have to shape up and do commissions for money... however possible. eBay stuff... 5$ emergency commissions. I still won't be able to get back into the college game for a long time... BUT, if i'm working and making money... i MAY actually be able to make it to Anthrocon next year if things aren't so tight. --> From here on..... either way... I simply can NOT continue going to UM. This is most certainly, my LAST semester here. As much as i LOVE this place, the faculty, and everything(though i wish it was reciprocated a little more...) It's just not feasible. It won't happen.
I am exploring options at FIU the state college, and i'll have to transfer and finish all my degrees there. I've bled enough money. I must live within my means. It's all i can do.

you can't get Blood from Stone!
I have to put all of my ambitions on hold for a long LONG time, again.

I drew this pic last night... because it's a little hard for me to be brave right now.
But I'm a fighter.
I was having these miniature panic attacks last night... this sick cold feeling in my gut. Not good. I'm better now that i made a few decisions about the future though.

Current Mood: sad
Thursday, October 9th, 2008
4:03 pm
Student Loans - I'm Fucked, again
I'm applying for a private student loan, signature student loan (SSL) that i use to cover my overhead cost, not covered by Federal Aid (thank you SO MUCH Bush)

-I'm technically still not registered at UM since my balance is not paid ===>
-I was denied Federal Work Study, so i can't get a job on campus
-My current loans came out of deferment, and they're asking for payments, i am now 8 days delinquent ==> My Cosigner (A Russian friend's dad) is going to get notification of this... and he'll be mad at me again.
-My Financial Aid doesn't cover as much & cost of attendance is up ==> I have $15,500 of overhead to cover with this Loan

===>I need another Cosigner, or I'm fucked! again. JUST like 4 years ago... and here i am STILL, in the same situation now. WTF.

I haven't felt this way in a long time.

(I can be your Art slave...anything at all, anyone?) or am I truly Fucked this time? me and my empty wallet.
this is IT... this is how they FUCK you.

Current Mood: scared
Sunday, September 21st, 2008
7:48 pm
Just now... I got outbid on an eBay auction for a graphic novel by some fucking pimply ass Comic book Geek with no life and mommy's credit card...
Fuck you! Fuck you in the dickhole with your fucking figurine collection and Fuck your dad in the ass with a bottle of Vault! Fuck you, you worthless piece of Human Garbage! You waste of time, money and toilet paper and public services.
EDIT: Fuck You! and i hope your dad bites off that deformed noodle dick of yours while he's double fisting your ass.
EDIT: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=deaddave&ftab=AllFeedback there he is! Everyone go troll him, -_O call me a sore lose, but yeah -_O; that's me. sorry. I got a pair of BALLS, so i hate losing. I feel like destroying something o_O

Current Mood: infuriated
Saturday, September 13th, 2008
9:43 pm
Iron, like a Lion
Chimera's Music picks
Bob Marley - Iron, Lion, Zion 12" extended version - omg this song is good o_O; the reverbed guitars, the Hammond organ chords, the chorus. Makes me feel all nice and fuzzy in my crotch.

school related
I found out that 200$ chemistry book i can get for 17$ on Amazon ;D this time.... i'm keeping it! it's a great book really. I also got a bunch of interesting things from eBay, like... Piracetam. I figured i'd try it out. I could use some, being an intellectual Chemistry, Math, Philosophy buff that i am.
-My classes were cancelled due to non-payment, this happens every year... and it happens to a lot of students. I just have to stick it out until my loan payments come in like last time... And i get charged the 100$ reinstatement fee.... i just thought, that if by a very conservative estimate, 500 students each semester have this happen... that's $50,000 right there. Slick huh?

I gotta go. My roommate's hosting a big loud party tonight ;D turns out he's 420-friendly too.

i did a few more awesome drawings, sexy cheetahs, etc. but i'll post them later. coming soon! keep an eye out!

Current Mood: chipper
Sunday, September 7th, 2008
3:48 pm
Hurricane? nah...
looks like we'll be saved again from the next Hurricane, though we do have a couple more coming off the coast of Nigeria. Key West is in for a beating though.
I'm still trying to get a Philosophy book, i'm gonna have to wait to import it from Singapore. According to UPS it just left ShangHai and is somewhere in the Pacific right now o_O

Chimera Music pics
3 quick ones from Youtube. The Bleach soundtrack. These fit amazingly well with my art sometimes.
Storm Center - This was a song i was listening to as i was first pondering the details of my Chimera character. Sounds almost like a Wrestling intro.
Burden of the Past - i won't say what this reminds me of, but this is a favorite of mine.
Battle Ignition - Very animeish sounding. Tough guy music.
Precipice of Defeat - Great BGM for a fighting game i think. Very Mathy i think. good for pondering physics.
here's another cat picture
the RNC protest... was NOT.. televised.
Remember your 4th, 5th, 6th amendments, never forget!!!
Police State misconduct! One creepy thing few people noticed... the Police did NOT have name tags. They order a crowd to disperse... and then they block their exit route so they bottleneck...
PS.... anyone who does NOT live in Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Maine, Illinois or Delaware, Kansas, Virginia or Florida. if y'all can get me some Salvia, i'd be very grateful (Art Slave?).

Current Mood: bored
Monday, September 1st, 2008
11:43 am
FA submissions
Ok.... i've finally gone through ALL 24,600 FA submissions i had backed up since May... all summer.. and i've got about 360 submissions left, that i filtered out to add to my Favs... or to delete later, or email to myself. I use Yahoo! mail to store my porn now XD! all i have to do is download the zips and view them on the go. Print out for free.. jack off later. ;3~~~

One GREAT side-effect of seeing over 10,000 pieces of porn... filtered down to about 250.. is that when i close my eyes, i see porn! ;D I doodled some nice feety things just from that. My imagination is purring like a brand new engine, like this:
737 engine start-up (it's supposed to do that when it's newly installed)
Kharnak's Chimera Music picks
Acubavix - to the stars - good song to have stuck in my head. it has a nice airy, spacy happy feel, with an energetic finish.
Acubavix - Donut lifts - best remix ever! clean and well done throughout. This one plays well at any volume. Great week-ender, or for any occassion.
Gregorian - the sound of silence - great chanty cover. it goes really well with the original feel of the song, and the deeper meaning of the lyrics too.
Rod Stewart - Do ya think I'm sexy? - awesome 70's song. I just love that A to C chord change, it has that happy-core melody to it almost. This is a great confidence inspiring song.

Current Mood: busy
Thursday, August 28th, 2008
6:01 pm
Classes & Finance
Classes & Book whoring
ok yesterday was my first rundown of classes...
Chemistry - here it gets hard, we'll be getting into Quantum mechanics and electron harmonics ;D
MTH210 - Linear Algebra, i'm trying to find a cheap textbook, perhaps from India? ISBN 9780321287137
MTH513 - holy shit! i'm getting into unfamiliar territory now in Partial Differential equations. it moves pretty fast, but i think i can do it. I'm still trying to find the textbook cheap. ISBN http://www.biblio.com/books/189882600.html is the best i could find. This is one Hardcore class ;D!
I'm gonna skip buying the Chemistry book... it's 200$... like fuck man.. i'm not gonna collect cans for this.

Tuesday & Thursdays i have no classes... except for a Chemistry lab on Tuesday night from 7 to 9:30... maybe i can finally get my hands dirty with the fun chemicals and bottles.
Kharnak's Music picks
UM Radio WVUM is awesome, they play alternative(real alternative) music that you'll never hear anywhere else... unique and wierd at times. Here are some songs i've heard on WVUM:
High Places - myspace page, has some awesome Psychedelic music, they've rotated, "Golden" and "Head Spins". It's great stuff to get stuck in your head. I wish my dreams were more abstract like this. (Youtube has videos for them too)
White Williams - Violator really fun catchy song. I call it the "Happy dancing mushroom song." or the "DXM song." this really reminds me of my last semester ;3~
Tommorow will be a breeze... I'm already acclimatized to the walking and the heat.
Note to self:
Karl Rove needs to be beaten and smeared with Feces. (May he go the rest of his life without toilet paper)

Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
4:01 pm
Classes tommorow
I'm going to CaneFest, which is an event in the Bank United Center, with loud music, and free stuff, from all the student Organizations, etc. i'm gonna try to score some goodies ;3 (My other room mate still haven't moved in.... oh well!!!)
Today's Chimera music hot picks
Here are some selections of cool, awesome, amazing music:
Jimmy Hendrix - all along the watchtower - omg, damn this is good.
Jimmy Hendrix - Voodoo child - omg, this is amazing. the feelings, the affect. you don't hear this much anymore.
Matisyahu - youth - i like the feel of this song. makes you want to get up and... DO something, kinda like most Rage against the Machine songs do. Even though the context is a pro-Zionist, the message is clear. bla bla, you've heard me go on at length in previous journals about education and Liberal views.
RATM - Renegades of Funk - i love the fiery rebellious affect all these songs have. go listen to this, and them go out and... Argue with someone! ;D I'll help back you up! just ask me!
UM not to join lowered drinking Age movement
On Campus, there is this debate going on about lowering the Drinking age to 18 on campuses. Donna Shalala, UM President, of course, is opposed. Keep in mind, from her background as the former Secretary of the DHHS (department of health & human services) she would hold the same antiquated, sleight of hand, "boogeyman politics" straight from the Conservative playbook as everybody else who is associated with the.....
FDA(the brilliant, "Fairly Dumb Administration" delegated to keep your food safe from E. Coli, Salmonella, and Mexican illegal immigrant urine and fecal matter *whistle*),
DEA(part of the VERY profitable Prison Industrial Complex),
NIDA(whitehouse pawn),
whitehouse drug control policy(the strategy crafting arm of the WhiteHouse, the Propaganda mill, a few extra bullhorns on the Republican NOISE machine) NIDA edits the Wikipedia page, removing critical points about it! ;3 smooooooooooooth!
Here are Today's Featured Fuckheads
Karen Tandy Former DEA head, oops, looks like she'd rather take a job with Motorola than address an insurmountable issues of policy Reform, oh so compassionate, my bleeding Heart aches.
Asa Hutchinson Former DEA propagandist shit-spinner
Conservative wacky land(i need a better name for this segment)
Here's a piece of Sheeeee-it from NIDA.... just read it.. apply Critical thinking, keep in mind all we've discussed about Chemistry, Psychopharmacology, Cannabinoid receptors and it's recooperative Immunomodulatory Neuroprotective effects, etc. NIDA facts: Marijuana
FYI.... Cannabis is NOT Dopaminergic... Jeez, for shit's sake already -_O What Century are they living in?

Henry David Thorough - "in a society that imprisons unjustly, a just person's rightful place... is in prison" Civil Disobedience
Sunday, August 24th, 2008
4:43 pm
Art Scanned!
holy shit this song is so damn good!
Metallica is a little too "corporate" for me though, but i can't help but like their solos and drum-lines. I just wish that Hatfield guy would shut the hell up in most of the songs. His vacuous yammering yowling only detracts from the music.
someone, try using DXM, or any of your favorite PhenethylAmines or Tryptamines, i bet it would match well with this.
Oh and.... if you use DXM with vitamin B6 and some Benadryl,
this is what you'll see
(not that i've done that lately ¬_¬;)
I think i've finally adapted to the physical activity, since i've been doing a lot of walking on Campus now, doing errands o_O; Thank you Starbucks Verona Blend!!! (omg i could drink that stuff on and on and on and on)
tommorow i search for jobs i got like 20 GOOD job leads, 7, 8, 9$/hour jobs
Art Scanned
Cat Diarreah - This is me feeding my cat. she had diarreah. and wow.... that cat can really do a number. kinda like this Cat From Date Movie, you'll piss yourself laughing!
Cat Feeding - I guess it was my fault??

420 furs comic
Ridicule the Ridicule - This is a funny comic inspired by the recent New Yorker comic that satirizes Barack and Michelle Obama. I figured this is a very important kind of humor, because it identifies biases, and knee-jerk reactions, it drags them out into the open, shines a light on them and exposes them for what it is. Highlighting their shear absurdity. I mean come on now, is this really what some people think will happen? You see a young lion or Puma on the floor with several Hypodermic needles in his head and tongue, and miscallaneous chemicals, inhalants, Phenethylamines(i realize i left a bunch of them out). Also, i pasted in a caricature of John Lennon.
blast this real loud
Northern Lite

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
3:04 pm
Kitten babies
Here, cat babies
A few weeks ago we went to the ASPCA shelter and had them adopted off. They were impressed with how big they were, because i was feeding them real good. yeah, i miss the kittens a lot, they were very fun. but i was just too much work for me.

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