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Art Scanned!

holy shit this song is so damn good!
Metallica is a little too "corporate" for me though, but i can't help but like their solos and drum-lines. I just wish that Hatfield guy would shut the hell up in most of the songs. His vacuous yammering yowling only detracts from the music.
someone, try using DXM, or any of your favorite PhenethylAmines or Tryptamines, i bet it would match well with this.
Oh and.... if you use DXM with vitamin B6 and some Benadryl,
this is what you'll see
(not that i've done that lately ¬_¬;)
I think i've finally adapted to the physical activity, since i've been doing a lot of walking on Campus now, doing errands o_O; Thank you Starbucks Verona Blend!!! (omg i could drink that stuff on and on and on and on)
tommorow i search for jobs i got like 20 GOOD job leads, 7, 8, 9$/hour jobs
Art Scanned
Cat Diarreah - This is me feeding my cat. she had diarreah. and wow.... that cat can really do a number. kinda like this Cat From Date Movie, you'll piss yourself laughing!
Cat Feeding - I guess it was my fault??

420 furs comic
Ridicule the Ridicule - This is a funny comic inspired by the recent New Yorker comic that satirizes Barack and Michelle Obama. I figured this is a very important kind of humor, because it identifies biases, and knee-jerk reactions, it drags them out into the open, shines a light on them and exposes them for what it is. Highlighting their shear absurdity. I mean come on now, is this really what some people think will happen? You see a young lion or Puma on the floor with several Hypodermic needles in his head and tongue, and miscallaneous chemicals, inhalants, Phenethylamines(i realize i left a bunch of them out). Also, i pasted in a caricature of John Lennon.
blast this real loud
Northern Lite
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