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Classes tommorow

I'm going to CaneFest, which is an event in the Bank United Center, with loud music, and free stuff, from all the student Organizations, etc. i'm gonna try to score some goodies ;3 (My other room mate still haven't moved in.... oh well!!!)
Today's Chimera music hot picks
Here are some selections of cool, awesome, amazing music:
Jimmy Hendrix - all along the watchtower - omg, damn this is good.
Jimmy Hendrix - Voodoo child - omg, this is amazing. the feelings, the affect. you don't hear this much anymore.
Matisyahu - youth - i like the feel of this song. makes you want to get up and... DO something, kinda like most Rage against the Machine songs do. Even though the context is a pro-Zionist, the message is clear. bla bla, you've heard me go on at length in previous journals about education and Liberal views.
RATM - Renegades of Funk - i love the fiery rebellious affect all these songs have. go listen to this, and them go out and... Argue with someone! ;D I'll help back you up! just ask me!
UM not to join lowered drinking Age movement
On Campus, there is this debate going on about lowering the Drinking age to 18 on campuses. Donna Shalala, UM President, of course, is opposed. Keep in mind, from her background as the former Secretary of the DHHS (department of health & human services) she would hold the same antiquated, sleight of hand, "boogeyman politics" straight from the Conservative playbook as everybody else who is associated with the.....
FDA(the brilliant, "Fairly Dumb Administration" delegated to keep your food safe from E. Coli, Salmonella, and Mexican illegal immigrant urine and fecal matter *whistle*),
DEA(part of the VERY profitable Prison Industrial Complex),
NIDA(whitehouse pawn),
whitehouse drug control policy(the strategy crafting arm of the WhiteHouse, the Propaganda mill, a few extra bullhorns on the Republican NOISE machine) NIDA edits the Wikipedia page, removing critical points about it! ;3 smooooooooooooth!
Here are Today's Featured Fuckheads
Karen Tandy Former DEA head, oops, looks like she'd rather take a job with Motorola than address an insurmountable issues of policy Reform, oh so compassionate, my bleeding Heart aches.
Asa Hutchinson Former DEA propagandist shit-spinner
Conservative wacky land(i need a better name for this segment)
Here's a piece of Sheeeee-it from NIDA.... just read it.. apply Critical thinking, keep in mind all we've discussed about Chemistry, Psychopharmacology, Cannabinoid receptors and it's recooperative Immunomodulatory Neuroprotective effects, etc. NIDA facts: Marijuana
FYI.... Cannabis is NOT Dopaminergic... Jeez, for shit's sake already -_O What Century are they living in?

Henry David Thorough - "in a society that imprisons unjustly, a just person's rightful place... is in prison" Civil Disobedience
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