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FA submissions

Ok.... i've finally gone through ALL 24,600 FA submissions i had backed up since May... all summer.. and i've got about 360 submissions left, that i filtered out to add to my Favs... or to delete later, or email to myself. I use Yahoo! mail to store my porn now XD! all i have to do is download the zips and view them on the go. Print out for free.. jack off later. ;3~~~

One GREAT side-effect of seeing over 10,000 pieces of porn... filtered down to about 250.. is that when i close my eyes, i see porn! ;D I doodled some nice feety things just from that. My imagination is purring like a brand new engine, like this:
737 engine start-up (it's supposed to do that when it's newly installed)
Kharnak's Chimera Music picks
Acubavix - to the stars - good song to have stuck in my head. it has a nice airy, spacy happy feel, with an energetic finish.
Acubavix - Donut lifts - best remix ever! clean and well done throughout. This one plays well at any volume. Great week-ender, or for any occassion.
Gregorian - the sound of silence - great chanty cover. it goes really well with the original feel of the song, and the deeper meaning of the lyrics too.
Rod Stewart - Do ya think I'm sexy? - awesome 70's song. I just love that A to C chord change, it has that happy-core melody to it almost. This is a great confidence inspiring song.
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