Kharnak (kharnak) wrote,

Hurricane? nah...

looks like we'll be saved again from the next Hurricane, though we do have a couple more coming off the coast of Nigeria. Key West is in for a beating though.
I'm still trying to get a Philosophy book, i'm gonna have to wait to import it from Singapore. According to UPS it just left ShangHai and is somewhere in the Pacific right now o_O

Chimera Music pics
3 quick ones from Youtube. The Bleach soundtrack. These fit amazingly well with my art sometimes.
Storm Center - This was a song i was listening to as i was first pondering the details of my Chimera character. Sounds almost like a Wrestling intro.
Burden of the Past - i won't say what this reminds me of, but this is a favorite of mine.
Battle Ignition - Very animeish sounding. Tough guy music.
Precipice of Defeat - Great BGM for a fighting game i think. Very Mathy i think. good for pondering physics.
here's another cat picture
the RNC protest... was NOT.. televised.
Remember your 4th, 5th, 6th amendments, never forget!!!
Police State misconduct! One creepy thing few people noticed... the Police did NOT have name tags. They order a crowd to disperse... and then they block their exit route so they bottleneck...
PS.... anyone who does NOT live in Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Maine, Illinois or Delaware, Kansas, Virginia or Florida. if y'all can get me some Salvia, i'd be very grateful (Art Slave?).
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