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Iron, like a Lion

Chimera's Music picks
Bob Marley - Iron, Lion, Zion 12" extended version - omg this song is good o_O; the reverbed guitars, the Hammond organ chords, the chorus. Makes me feel all nice and fuzzy in my crotch.

school related
I found out that 200$ chemistry book i can get for 17$ on Amazon ;D this time.... i'm keeping it! it's a great book really. I also got a bunch of interesting things from eBay, like... Piracetam. I figured i'd try it out. I could use some, being an intellectual Chemistry, Math, Philosophy buff that i am.
-My classes were cancelled due to non-payment, this happens every year... and it happens to a lot of students. I just have to stick it out until my loan payments come in like last time... And i get charged the 100$ reinstatement fee.... i just thought, that if by a very conservative estimate, 500 students each semester have this happen... that's $50,000 right there. Slick huh?

I gotta go. My roommate's hosting a big loud party tonight ;D turns out he's 420-friendly too.

i did a few more awesome drawings, sexy cheetahs, etc. but i'll post them later. coming soon! keep an eye out!
Tags: 420, bob marley, cannabis, party
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