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Student Loans - I'm Fucked, again

I'm applying for a private student loan, signature student loan (SSL) that i use to cover my overhead cost, not covered by Federal Aid (thank you SO MUCH Bush)

-I'm technically still not registered at UM since my balance is not paid ===>
-I was denied Federal Work Study, so i can't get a job on campus
-My current loans came out of deferment, and they're asking for payments, i am now 8 days delinquent ==> My Cosigner (A Russian friend's dad) is going to get notification of this... and he'll be mad at me again.
-My Financial Aid doesn't cover as much & cost of attendance is up ==> I have $15,500 of overhead to cover with this Loan

===>I need another Cosigner, or I'm fucked! again. JUST like 4 years ago... and here i am STILL, in the same situation now. WTF.

I haven't felt this way in a long time.

(I can be your Art slave...anything at all, anyone?) or am I truly Fucked this time? me and my empty wallet.
this is IT... this is how they FUCK you.
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