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Kharnak is Back!

I'm Tired. Ive been working at DirecTV for Commercial Business since Feb. 16th. I've been working and saving money well, helping out with bills. It feels good to have money again. I've bought many small things on eBay i've been wanting for a while.
I like my job, thought it's Mentally fatiguing. I have to be cheerful and upbeat no matter what, and I have to think on my feet constantly. It has it's moments... cuz there's a lot of dummies out there..

Computer --- I JUST got my new PC at the end of June, it's a Compaq SR5710F, 2.3GHz Dual-core, 3G RAM, 250G HD ,Nvidia GeForce 6340 n420(is this any good? will it work with SecondLife?), with Comcast High-speed internet. I'm more than happy with it. It's nice to have something that won't freeze when i use Photoshop.
* I bought a Digital Camera: GE A735, it more than meets my needs.

Art ---
- I have lots of Art that i was scanning, i'll be posting it to my FA page over the next couple days as i work on cleaning them up. I'm very picky about the order in which i post.

check out this commission portrait from Misako
I love it o_o, it captures the friendlier, not so Angsty side of me.
* I'm still open to more Commissions at FA, thought i do have some prior commitments i need to make good on.
* My Skype name is KharnakRex
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