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Back on LJ again after 3 years

holy shitballs on a stick! has it really been that long?

Well i'm mostly on FA, even though i haven't produced any new art in ages. I was sparked recently to draw a Crux. Long story, but i feel it's my Artistic imperative to Hypersexualize Cruxes. I'm not the only one. But it's as a push back against those who use the crux in a comfort zone of dogmatic androgyny and genderlessness, for Asexuals and non-sexuals. That's all cool, everyone has their reasons. but don't be a dick about the things you don't like. Contrapositively, one does not need permission to like something.
the creator, Malluch does NOT mind at all about them being gendered or sexualized, and didn't put much thought into that. She originally thought of Cruxes as shapeshifters. This is the root of its popularity, because it's extremely ecclectic, and elastic in taste and style, so that anyone can make it what they want. There are so many wonderful modifications, and accessories that can make the Crux your own.
Wrap up: I've been unemployed for little over a year now. it sucks hard. Everything feels so pointless, i feel dead in the water. I'll keep trying. this week i need to get out and maybe do another round of application spam. Here in Florida, there are an average of 4 applicants for every job that exists. Here in America we hardly DO anything anyway, it's all just services and retail. As i call it, the "Ass Kissing" industry. no one gives a flying fruit farting figlet about making or learning anything.
In other news.... part of the reason that sparked me to start posting to LJ again, and perhaps Facebook, or any other group, is that i'm finally writing out a Regimen, a hand, foot, paw toughening regimen. For Musicians, Sports, Military, Hikers, Bikers, body builders, or anyone who wants or needs firmer, more durable skin surface on their paws.
There's Astringent products like this
and forum topics, particularly Navy Seal and Army.
They're incomplete... and i feel that many of us, are completely LOST about this, and don't have a clear idea of how to adapt ourselves. Part of what i do, forms of Practical Body Mod.
I'm writing a FAQ, and Regimen suggestions, supplies, and Anatomy & Physiology insights on this. It'll be as complete as i can get it. This is a very badly needed Niche of information. I must fill it.
So for now guys, Let me know!!! Comment here with Questions i can use. I want to be THE source for this.
***Preview Paste of some Paw Regimen FAQs***
Q: isn't rubbing alcohol as effective?
No, it temporarily tightens the skin and dries it, removing sebum, and creates only a little osmotic stress. This is only for temporary toughening, for like a music performance, if you prefer them soft anyway. I haven't noticed any lasting effects from using Alcohol

Q: isn't barefoot walking, jogging, or running just as effective?
It's fairly effective if you do it almost every day, but it's rather slow. Unless you do it for many years, it'll only be marginally tougher. But by all means, continue doing it if you can.

Q: what if i get cracks or painful spots?
That means you progressed too quickly. The goal is to get an even build. If it's done too quickly, there will be sensitive layers right next to firm layers, so that sensitive layer is now baring the brunt of the forces. This is pretty much what a Corn or Bunion is. A concentrated uneven build from repetitive elliptical friction.
I used to hate having soft feet. For me, it's a cosmetic, Aesthetic thing, i just like them better this way. No, i love them!
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