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A New Beginning for the Chimera, SFF

I haven't noticed much going on in the South Florida area, which is odd because Miami, is considered one of the cultural and business epicenters.

I'm Kharnak, and i've been in the fandom for a good while, about 15 years, i'm an Artist, and i've had my ups and downs. in and out of college. working towards opportunities.

Been languishing unemployed for over a year now. I've reached an important turning point in my life. I've gotten back into doing art again, with new motivation. New sense of purpose and direction. I'm planning on putting all the skills i've learned along the years, and i'm going to start my own venture in making my own line of custom silicone molded toys, as well as traditional 2D artwork again. Yes, another line of naughty toys, but also custom suit parts, paws, noses, claws, ears, etc. No more sandbagging, no more ruminating about past failures. I've been inspired by other artists who've pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, and got big.

One ant can do a tremendous amount of work. I hope i won't have to do it alone. Ventures like this require help, dedication, a shared sense of purpose vision, and a single minded sense of devotion to making things happen. People like this exist.

So stand up and be heard, South Florida, anyone. Come with me. Talk to me.

Here's a link to my FA page, most recent submission. Details blurred out.
I still have Aces up my sleeve. innovations, etc.... it has to be ME. If not me, then the Japanese will. Their Tenga toys are awesome.
Tags: art, bad-dragon, business, clay, dedicaton, devotion, entrepreneur, molding, motivation, silicone, toys
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