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ATTN: regarding Plastic "Cum Tubes"

(Crosspost from my FA)
Syringes cost around 0.15 cents to even 0.08 cents when bought in bulk.
1x60mL Catheter tip
oh Look PURPLE!!
and even Blue
larger Catheter tipped

DO NOT pay Bad-Dragon $4.00 + Fedex shipping(private shipper) for any of them. The NERVE!
We all know the #1 grievance everyone has with them, among others.

on eBay, I sometimes get them from vendors from the SAME country they do, for around $1.00 each

1x 60mL Catheter Tip
2x 50mL Slip Lock
2x 50mL Slip Lock
2x 50mL Slip Lock
1x 100mL Luer Lock

damnit i can't believe i forgot to post this before Black Friday. You may still have time to cancel your orders!!!

If you're using MY lubricant, i recommend the long catheter tipped ones.

Note: There are 2 basic tip types
Luer Lock - that has the little twist threads on the tip, allowing needle tips to be screwed on. This is what BD uses.
Slip Lock (Catheter Tip)- everything else. (also fits with needles, but not as secure)

Now.... here's the listing to MY personal Lubricant
Chimera Labs No.5 Personal Lube - I formulated it particularly for LARGE insertions. Me and my mate use it frequently. Better than Astroglide, i contend that.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Upton Sinclair

and now your final thought:
"When someone is being mistreated....... it's kinda everyone's business" -Jerry Springer
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