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Bump 2014 update

Yes i'm still here, and i still intend use LJ.
It has more community involvement than Tumblr, though i hope to use that too soon.

Basic news..... Holidays approaching, a welcome relief of the hot Florida summer... even though winter only lasts about 5 days here.
Recent months i've been heavily into amateur Astronomy.
Artist impression (me) of R136a1 the most luminous star ever discovered

On my FA
I'm about to post my commission price list, with info, and protocol. But i've been rather anxious about it. Basically, the negotiation part is what i hate, and feeling like i waste my time when someone disappears or plays with my heart strings. That's why i would have a rather strict accountability practice of making status/progress be public.
My home environment is not very conducive to long periods of focused artwork, and i hate distractions. I'm frequently pulled away to do errands for people, etc. So.... i'd love to focus on Artwork and my own personal projects more, environment allowing
here's a preview of the Price list: feedback/suggestions welcome

i'm still reachable on SL, but i use it mostly for modeling and not as much for socializing as most people do.

Currently, i'm working for the #16 retailer, and hours are irregular, but i'm glad to be doing something again. I've learned a LOT from their operations and business model. Very encouraging.

anyone feel like a shout back, let me know you're still here listening.
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