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Just now... I got outbid on an eBay auction for a graphic novel by some fucking pimply ass Comic book Geek with no life and mommy's credit card...
Fuck you! Fuck you in the dickhole with your fucking figurine collection and Fuck your dad in the ass with a bottle of Vault! Fuck you, you worthless piece of Human Garbage! You waste of time, money and toilet paper and public services.
EDIT: Fuck You! and i hope your dad bites off that deformed noodle dick of yours while he's double fisting your ass.
EDIT: there he is! Everyone go troll him, -_O call me a sore lose, but yeah -_O; that's me. sorry. I got a pair of BALLS, so i hate losing. I feel like destroying something o_O
Tags: ebay, money
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