Kharnak (kharnak) wrote,

December Update... Withdrawing from UM

I've been working down my balance to about 981$ now. but that's all they can do for me. I was denied from 3 lenders, Citibank, EdFinancial, and SallieMae. Economy be fucked, (Thank you so much Reagan!!!)
I have to go straight back to work and play Proletariat for a couple of years....
but as i mentioned, i MAY be able to make it to Anthrocon in 09! I'll finally be able to afford things again.
I'm hoping to finish my degree at FIU, and maybe do some graduate work at UM again. I won't stop until i get the degrees i want. if there is a class of well-payed intelligencia... i want to be in it.
Not just that.... but in the art world too.. For the past 10 years i've been in this fandom... and i'm tired of it not going anywhere... I want to be one of the Premiere Artists of the fandom. As clearly described in my recent FA Journal entry.
I'm planning on selling things on FurBuy, so i'll try to update you on that.
I'll also try selling stuff on eBay.
I'm hoping to produce lots of art, but i'll to photograph them because i can't scan without a computer. Expect to see more premium paintings.
I accept Paypal! Kharnak_the_Goat at Yahoo! Donations? I got an outstanding college balance.
Here's some Pink Floyd songs to zonk out to.
Shine on you Crazy Diamond
High Hopes song about how we have ambitions for the wrong things, and subconsciously we sabotage ourselves.
Us and Them
Comfortably numb

And an old favorite, all warm and fuzzy
NIN - A Warm Place
Tags: art, auctions, college, money, music, rant, um
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