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Dropping out of college again... Comments about Art

Now i have to go play Proletariat again for a couple of years...
(pasted from my FurAffinity Journal)
Tommorow i have my last final, then i'm packing up and moving back home, where i have no internet. All i'll have is the public library internet, and no privacy, no scanner.

However... I expect to be kicking it into high gear with my artwork... I'm raring to go.
I found out i have a really really strong Lucifer complex. Hmm.. i'll let you figure that out ;3

If i am going to post work, it would have to be photographs.
I'm STILL taking commissions, badges, bookmarks etc. EMAIL me! Kharnak_the_goat at Yahoo! Holiday Donations? please please. I have a 981$ balance ;_;
Drop me a line, that's the only way you can keep contact with me.

Why... would female artists want a Male persona? (Whinge, Blotch, etc.)
Is there really a glass ceiling in the art world too?
Every couple of years it cycles, where there are female artists that "bubble up" in the Memetic Field, and become wildly popular by "gaming" the system and "mining" what is popular, all the while giving everyone the finger under the table. Then, as we have seen years ago... they get sick and tired of the fandom's quirks, failings, and nuisances, that they begin to show the finger OVER the table. :icongoldenwolf:? Chaaaaaaa-Ching!
Comments on the Nature of Art, Memetics, Diffusion of information and Computational Sociology

This is it.... this is life...
Competitive System
A Competitive Dynamic System coupled with a Memetic Diffusion system.
Every adage, saying, proverb about Success, Perseverence, and Prosperity are nothing more than qualitative observations of this system....
this is what's "under the hood"
Rough stabs at a solution
FA-Memetic model
Prosperity Equation
think i'm bullshitting? You think i'm just babbling? You think i don't posess an ounce of Logic?
Read up on Computational Sociology, Chaos, Perturbation, Equilibria

Set={Moonstalker, WolfKidd, KenSample, Gideon, Disney-RobertGurthrie-Ferris-ICEman, DougWinger, DCRabbit, gNaw, MaxBlackRabbit, Megan, Bonk, Fossil, Nek0Gami,... and the blotch chicks}

Goal: i need to develop my own "money style". sometimes, i have these moments of clarity where i can see the clear path of what i need to do to get to my goal. This will require a fundamental change in my subject matter and technique. I'll have to focus on meaningful, emotional comics, develop characters with history, emotion, while executing art in a very detailed, dynamic fashion, colorful... Sexy, but Vanilla! More well-rounded, including many off-fetishes, and Vanilla topics... simple, effective... What works.

remember Wetherby-HMO? she was perfection. She gamed you all like sheep ;3 and -I- was among the first to Recognize the styles(the eyes, and the Y-shaped vein on every dick was a giveaway). The only problem with this case is that when "Quantum Tunneling" happens, it's not a stable equilibrium because it's based on appearances, and easily "pops". It was an amazing case of a sharp yet unstable "spike".
Nothing stays the same....
cuz there were always Renegades!

RATM - Renegades of Funk(instrumental)
Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies
They change the course of history
Everyday people like you and me
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