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Universal Healthcare?

i need some good ballpark estimates for what people say a Universal Health care system would cost... what is it? 40, 50Billion? 75 Billion? isn't that what we spend on the Iraq War? hmmm..

This is how we finance it:

Well-regulated, not like that Bullshit self-incrimination catch-22 scam they tried 70 years ago...
DPR is one of my Bread&Butter issues. Prohibition in the USA

Legal History of Cannabis in the USA
Medical Cannabis
it would put Pharmaceuticals to SHAME.
enemies: {Synthetic fiber industry, BigTobacco, BigPharma}
Learn! Read!
They're(the conservative anti-intellectual "establishment") hoping.....
that you're too stupid to look it up!
To learn something outside of the syllabus.
Too stupid, to ever verify what you're told!
Too stupid to ever question what you're told!
DARE to learn!
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