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Behold A Great Black Dragon

I Am Dragon

I used to be an Ambitious artist. I have a chronic rheumatic illness, but I WAS working on my degree at UM until heavy financial misfortunes kept falling. I'm a Math major with an interest in Aviation history and the Physics and technical aspects of Aviation. Perfume Aficionado.
I want to meet other artists and get to know them.

1998-immersion in the furry fandom
1999-artwork begins to blossom, my website is put up

2004-Taking a 1 year sabbatical from college. I need work.
2005-Worked for 9 months. Diagnosed with Lupus. Made it to my first Anthrocon.
2006-been a tough year moneywise and healthwise, attending AC06, planning to return to college.
2007-worked for DirecTV, attended AC07
2008- 2 semesters at UM... still no degree.. and i'm broke. Still not famous -_-
dropping out of UM due to financial difficulty
2009 - Gainfully employed with DirecTV for commercial Business.
2010 - became unemployed again
2011 - still trying to find work
2012 - still unemployed. But I resolved to make my silicone molding project reality, in hopes of making viable products.
2013 - rethinking my life. I Hope i can make it to a convention again some day.

Major interests include....
Math (numerical methods, stats, complex variables)
Car Audio (not lately... it's gotten to be too expensive)
Acoustical engineering type stuff
Asian stuff... calligraphy, culture, gaming, philosophy, language
Bread & Butter issues that i feel specially confident in discussing:
Evolution (Physics)(Multiverse cosmology)
-Drug Policy Reform
- Harm Reduction
-Anti-Theism "some wish it were true...An Anti-theist says it would be awful if it WERE true" (Christopher Hitchens)
-Pharmacology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Ethics (Anti-Paternalism, education)
-Odorants & Flavorings: (counter-occlusionist of the neglected 6th sense)
-The Liberal Advantage
-Russian Pragmatism
-Nietzschie; Will to Power, Aphorisms, Morality.
-cold Reductionism (universe as an indifferent machine)
-Cognitive Objectivism

I hoped to be one of the Premiere Artists of the furry fandom. This is difficult, and not entirely worth it.
I still hope to make it to a convention again soon. Anthrocon, i miss. I miss being part of the attraction. I get teary eyed thinking back to those days.

Current links for recent stuff:
PhotoBucket for my Recent SecondLife screenshots... i spend a lot of time there these days..

My FA page is my main home for Artwork

I'm taking commissions:
Ink - 20$
color cg with background - 50$
pencil complete-30$
Watercolor - 40$
Watercolor bookmarks - 10$
Badges - 10$
lj icon - 5$
Though at this point in time I say that my prices are "flexible"
I take Paypal!